Weed Control

Insect Control

Gulf Coast Bio Beneficial Nematodes
Ladies In Red Lady Bugs
Safer Insecticidal Soap
Green Light BT Worm Killer
Bioganic Lawn and Garden Spray
Serenade Garden Lawn
Disease Control
Liquid Fence Animal Repellents
Tanglefoot Pest Barrier
Armadillo Repellent
Green Light Spinosad
Bonide Pyrethrin/Rotenone
Perma-Guard Fossil Shell Flower
Maestro-Gro Garlic Concentrate
Monterey Sluggo


Oma’s Juice Compost Tea
Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost
Rabbit Hill Expanded Shale
Earth-Safe Organics Alfalfa Meal
Schultz Orchid Mix
Garden-Ville Rocket Fuel
Garden-Ville Volcanite
EM-1 Microbial Inoculant
Tropic-Gro Coconut Coir
Rabbit Hill Cornmeal
Rabbit Hill Dried Molasses
Schultz Horticultural Charcoal
Green-Sense Lava Sand
Garden-Ville Garrett Juice
Back to Nature Acidified Compost
Garden-Ville Efficient Zeolite
Rabbit Hill Epsom Salt
Earth-Safe Organics Fish Meal
Hi-Yield Bone Meal
Hi-Yield Blood Meal

Potting Soil

Landscaper's Pride
Ladybug Hill Country Garden Soil




Medina Growin’ Green
Lady Bug

Garden-Ville Soil Food
Garden-Ville Bat Guano
Ladybug Flower Power
Neptune’s Harvest Crab Shell
Landscaper’s Pride Cattle Manure
BCF Sul-Po-Mag

Medina Hasta-Gro Plant Food
Ladybug John's Recipe
Green-Sense Liquid Kelp
Earthworm Lawn & Garden

Other Products

Homemade Wildflower Soaps
Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent
Dramm Water Breakers
Turner Hat Company Hats
Birds of a Feather Wild Bird Food
Gilmour Garden Sprinklers
TKO Orange oil
Garlic GP fungicides
Missing Link Pet Treats
Red Dingo pet tags
Dewitt Tree-stake Kits
cut to size Ag-Cloth
cut to size Groundcover
Moss & Algae Killer RTU
Informative Texas Books
Earth-Safe Organics Root Activator
Hose-end Sprayer with Dial
Central Texas Snake Identification Cards
How to become and Organic Gardener
Landscape Guide
The Secret Life of Compost Malcolm Beck
The Lazy Environmentalist
Texas Garden Almanac
What Can I Do With Herbs?
Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas

New  Products

Maestro-Gro Garlic Concentrate
Monterey Sluggo
Perma-Guard Fossil Shell Flower
Maestro-Gro Garlic Concentrate
Monterey Sluggo
Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth
Safer Garden Dust
Summit Mosquito Dunks
Green Light Neem Concentrate
Perma-Guard Pet and Animal D-20
Green Light Spinosad
Cedarcide YardSafe Insect Repellent
Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent

Rabbit Hill Montomorillonite
Garden-Ville Sick Tree Treatment
Fertilome Vermiculite
MK Minerals Palletized Gypsum
Rabbit Hill Azalea Bed Prep
Rice Bran Bokashi
Mor-M-Lass Horticultural Molasses
Deco Lawn Lime
Medina Humate
Espoma Rock Phosphate
Rabbit Hill Kelp Meal
Rabbit Hill Minerals Plus
Ladybug Sylvan Formula
Mosser Lee Red Lava Rock
MK Minerals Dolomitic Limestone
Rabbit Hill Rose Bed Prep
Super Thrive

Ladybug Vortex
Erath Earth
Rabbit Hill Big Pot

Texas Tee
Bradfield Organics Corn Gluten

Back to Nature Chicken Manure
Maestro-Gro Liquid Molasses
Rabbit Hill Worm Castings
Rabbit Hill Tomato-Pepper
Ladybug Garden Pep

Nature’s Creation Liquid Plant Food
Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed with Iron
Maestro-Gro Liquid Molasses
Maxicrop Liquid Fish
DeltAg Zinc Plus